David Craft, PhD

Staff Scientist, MGH; Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology, HMS

David Craft received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Brown University, in 1996. After a brief stint doing finite element analysis for GE Research and Development and teaching math in the Boston Public High School system, Craft went on to get his Ph.D. in Operations Research (mathematical optimization, probability, and simulation) from MIT (2000-2004). Craft then joined the Department of Radiation Oncology at The Massachusetts General Hospital and is currently an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and an Associate Member of the Broad Institute. Craft’s early work at MGH was on multi-criteria optimization for radiation treatment planning. This work was directly incorporated into a commercial treatment planning system, RayStation, which is currently used all over the world to plan radiation therapy treatments. For the past few years, Craft has turned his focus to the problem of predicting a patient’s response to a proposed cancer treatment, such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy. Craft works on this both from the theoretical end (developing machine learning algorithms that incorporate partial prior information to predict the behavior of complex systems) and on cell line drug sensitivity data sets. In his spare time, Craft enjoys playing piano and guitar and singing, foraging for wild edible plants and mushrooms, yoga, and bicycling. He has written two books (Urban Foraging and Some of Infinity) and recorded three albums.

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