Innovation Discovery Grant Update

June 1, 2015

Fighting the Consequences of Obesity Treatment of Liver Disease with a Peptide Fragment Joel Habener, MD MGH, Endocrine Nearly 35% of Americans are obese according to the Center for Disease Control. There are a growing number of therapeutic responses to the potentially devastating consequences of the disease. Among the greatest areas of need is obesity-related…

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Celebrate 2014 Innovation Development Grant Winners

August 1, 2014

Meet our 2014 Innovation Development Grant Winners, with a special focus on Nonsurgical Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. Nonsurgical Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Ali Tavakkoli, MD, BWH, Gastrointestinal and General Surgery Type-2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) affects more than 11% of the US adult population with 35% of US adults having pre-diabetic symptoms- incidence continues…

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Top 20 Technologies: From more than 300 applications – Profiles for three of Partners HealthCare's most promising commercial opportunities

May 1, 2014

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation, Early Urine Biomarkers of Kidney Inflammation, and Portable Magnetic Resonance Lung Density Monitor (MR-LDM) for ICU. Focus on Innovation Development Grant Awards Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Michael Rohan, PhD McLean Hospital, Imaging Center Low Field Magnetic Stimulation is a potential new treatment for depression, and has been observed to produce immediate…

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