Innovation a Top Priority for International Market

Partners HealthCare International (PHI) and Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd. (WHL) are exploring a new partnership based on research and innovation, driven by PHI’s strategy to expand services and leverage the unique strengths at PHS.

Mehul Mehta, MD, Vice President of Strategy and Global Programs and Glenn Miller, PhD, Market Sector Leader, recently traveled to India to meet with the research teams at Wockhardt.

The PHI and Innovation teams are now working on a proposal that would leverage the commercialization experience of Innovation to help Wockhardt bring their innovations into the market.

“So, how can we help them in terms of their science and their patent processing, looking at global applications and commercialization?” Mehta says. “The whole innovation platform becomes interesting as does the science augmentation.

“We feel we can now bring in the services and skills that Partners Innovation brings to the Partners’ members institutions and help Wockhardt to develop and commercialize their intellectual property,” Miller adds.

What’s Next

While this is the first time that the PHI-Innovation team has pursued a formal collaboration based on research and innovation, Miller says, there is a lot of crossover to the services that Innovation currently provides to investigators in the Partners system.

“It fits quite well into our ballpark because it’s similar to what we do day in and day out for BWH, MGH, Mass Eye and Ear, McLean Hospital, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network and all the other hospitals in the Partners network.”

“The biggest difference and biggest challenge—and we deal with this in many of the international opportunities that we see—is around the reimbursement structures,” Miller adds. “There are much different reimbursement structures here in the United States than in different national systems around the world, and that affects what a given market might look like.”